Estate Planning

Attorneys Who Care About Your Estate Planning

Thinking about everything that you need to consider when creating an estate plan can be stressful and overwhelming. Do I need a will? Should I have a trust? How will my assets be divided after I have passed away? These are all valid questions to be thinking about, and our attorneys can help.

We have the experience and resources to create a custom estate plan that works best for your needs now and in the future.

Crafting Your Estate Plan

When it comes to estate planning, our experienced attorneys can help you with the following:

  • Drafting wills
  • Creating trusts
  • Drafting powers of attorney and advanced medical directives
  • Setting up guardianships for individuals who cannot manage their affairs

Estate planning is essential when planning for the future, protecting your assets and preventing family disputes, and potentially avoiding probate. Probate can be lengthy and costly if you don’t have a well-thought-out estate plan in place.

Planning Your Future Doesn’t Stop With An Estate Plan

There are other areas of the law that can impact your estate planning, such as family legal concerns, real estate and business law. We have extensive experience in these areas and can advise you on how these other areas of the law affect your estate plan and your beneficiaries.

Estate Planning Experience You Can Trust

We have a long-standing reputation as a dependable, creditable and compassionate firm. Not only do we serve our clients, but we are also very much involved with the community we live and work in. We have earned the trust of our clients and are highly regarded by our legal peers. Let us help you develop a strategic estate plan today.

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