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Alternatives To Litigating Make Sense In Many Disputes

The civil justice system continues to embrace alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a means of resolving differences without litigating. A number of strategies fall within the ADR category, including mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, collaborative law and many other non-litigation approaches.

At Hunter & Johnson P.C. in Godfrey, we are enthusiastic proponents of resolving disputes without litigating whenever it makes sense. It is generally less expensive, less stressful, more respectful and typically produces solutions that are more acceptable to both sides, which results in fewer problems with enforcement of the agreement.

An Effective Means To Resolve All Types Of Civil Disputes

Our attorneys are adept at helping businesses and individuals resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration. Both strategies involve third-party neutrals who oversee the negotiation process. Mediation is usually nonbinding, while arbitration is often a binding process, meaning the parties must adhere to the decision made by the arbitrator or the arbitration panel.

We mediate a variety of civil disputes, including real estate matters, construction disputes and family law disputes. With nearly 50 years of cumulative experience representing clients in Illinois and Missouri, our attorneys are familiar with how judges rule in a wide variety of cases given a certain set of circumstances. Of course, no lawyer has a crystal ball that can predict the outcome of any case, but we can provide a reasonable estimate of what decisions a judge will make after reviewing the facts of your case.

Dispute Avoidance, And When That Doesn't Work, ADR

Richard Susskind, a highly regarded author and speaker on the future of the legal profession, states that attorneys will increasingly bring value to their clients by providing a path to avoid disputes rather than resolve them. In short, it makes more sense to put a fence at the top of the cliff rather than an ambulance at the bottom, Susskind says.

We agree. We strive to help clients take proactive measures to prevent legal disputes in business matters, real estate transactions and municipal law. When disputes do occur, we are skilled at helping the parties resolve matters without litigating. Call 618-466-9510 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting to discuss your legal options.


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